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How to Make a Superior Beat the Artist Want

June 29 2019

Are you an up and coming beat producer or maker that would want to know how to create beats which artists would love and appreciate? Knowing how to produce beats which artist want is exceptionally vital as if you’re making beats that no rappers or artists want, your career in the beat making will most likely be a short one. This article will go over some easy and simple but very efficient tips which will help you create beats which will get the attention of rappers and artists as well. Below in no particular orders are the things which you can do.

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Use High Quality Equipment

Ensure that the equipment that you’re using to make your beats can generate superior and high-quality beats. Now, this does not essentially mean that you need to spend a lot of money on your beat making tools. There is a really inexpensive beat creation tool or software which would work just fine. The vital thing here is superiority. When allowing artist that are interested in utilizing some of your rap beats, it is better to have two superior and high-quality beats than twenty low-quality beats.

Listen to the Professionals

With regards to learning how to make beats listening to the experts is often times undervalued when it comes to being a learning practice for up and coming beat producers and artists. By listening to the professionals such as Swizz Beatz or Dr. Dre, you’ll develop a good understanding of what an overall professional in demand beats sounds like.

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Make Your Own Style

Don’t be scared to step outside of the box a bit. As long as you are producing or creating professional sounding beats, it is fine to bring a new kind of sound. Some artists love to rip over beats, which are exceptional and really like no others. In the end, people can hear a beat as well as automatically now that it’s one of yours.

Use Striking and Catchy Samples

Using samples is extremely common at this point in time with regards to making or creating a beat. The trick here is to make use of catchy samples. Look for something which is out of the usual. It can be something off of a cartoon or only something which you made up. Only ensure that it is striking and catchy. Many rappers love beats which have cool and amazing samples in them.

Focus on your Baseline

The baseline of a beat is indeed the groundwork of the whole beat. So, make sure to always begin with the baseline and then build around it. Also, you need to ensure that the baseline is always on point. A wrack baseline is a disparity between a hit beat and a total waste of time listening to it. If you are an artist and looking for a superior and high quality beats, the best place to visit online, you are assured of the best beats that you can use in your music without spending a lot.

Article by: Sly Fox