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How to Sell Beats on Beatshop

June 29 2019


Aspiring producers who want to sell their instrumentals or beats to singers and rappers beat shop is the best place to be. This is a reliable music marketplace and hosting service where artists can join as well as discover music available for sale and commercial application. A lot of renowned and popular producers have utilized this platform. If they are using it, there is something exceptional to it, right?

Beatshop: Ideal for Beat Making People

This music hosting service is capitalizing on the music industry boom presently underway. They are also working to assist rappers of all calibers to keep in touch with others, build a base, and grow a catalog. The best thing about the beat shop is that they are working with producers to help them gain more. Artists can openly buy beats from the beat maker, so worry no more on middlemen beside beatshop.

How to Publish Your Beat on Beatshop

Register /Sign Up Before uploading your beat, you need to register first.

Aside from the usual release date, track title, tags and descriptions, you will need to put in a price as well as additional custom leases you may need, selling preferences if you offer a free sample, download requirements, track details which include the mood as well as collaborators if there is. What is more, you may choose to upload a zip of track, tagged Mp3 as well as cover art. After putting in the details, click the button located at the right portion of the screen. Then your beat is already added to your page and can be heard by beat shop members. Also, you can share the URL or the profile URL on Facebook and social network sites for others to listen and discover.

no need to worry about the airbit vs beatstars debate


Engage is extremely important. Consider the service as a community. Simply posting your beats is not enough. You have to interact with others to get their awareness. Dig around for instrumentals yourself, reference tracks, songs, no matter what. Look for something you love and allow the rapper to know you enjoy it. Share and comment, you can also send a private message. It is vital to engage with the community. According to experts, engaging with the people as well as developing relationships surely boosts the rate of success. If you find artists you are interested in partnering with, inform them, or look for them on social media sites. This is your opportunity to collaborate with others and build rapport.

Article by: Sly Fox