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Making Money While You Sleep Selling Beats

June 29 2019

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If you have been creating beats for a while and is the stage wherein your instrumentals are adequately good for a rapper to use, perhaps you want to consider selling them online. Today, a lot of people are producing music, not like before. You do not need a hit on the radio to make thousands as a producer. Online allows you to penetrate the computers and laptops of music fanatics all over the world. You can utilize this to your benefit. You spend energy, time, and money producing music, so it is just fair that you get a reward if people want to utilize them. So, let us a look at the tips on how to make money while you sleep selling beats online

How to Successfully Sell Beats Online

Ensure Your Beats Sounds Professional You can get away with the standard sounding beats. However, the better sounding the beats are, the more they will be in demand. This allows you to sell it on a higher price, thus increasing your income and your popularity as well. Quality Matters It is better to have 20 high quality beats that rappers and music artists will wish to purchase, instead of having 50 just okay beats which nobody wants. Your beats must be mastered and beats. It provides another perk over your rivalry. Each kid with a laptop today is a sound or music producer. So, your music must be remarkable and amazing if you like it to sell.

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Know the Best Way to Make Music Whether you have the sickest beats, if hardly everyone can find you, then the chance of selling your beats is small. The competition is stern, so you have to set apart from the rest by providing something exceptional. This is where smart marketing is useful. You do not have to have a huge budget to market your beat as you can still develop a good momentum without it. Some smart ideas include creating a site to showcase your music and your personality as well. This is very important in today’s marketing. Make a brand around your beat and make sure the theme is consistent. This permits people to know you easily. Upload your beats to a social media platform like YouTube. It is a smart idea to extend beyond your beat with repeating vocals that states your brand. This is called producer tag. Through this way, people aren’t able to steal your beats.

Giving Free Beats

To gain more exposure, it is highly advisable to give away free beats. Like for instance, a prominent DJ or rapper might listen and want one of your instrumentals. Therefore you can strike a deal with him or her. In exchange for them utilizing your beat, you need to be credited on the track. Also, you can make a list of free beats and market them. You will find that a lot of rappers will jump on your beat and do a freestyle over then, and if you are lucky, a renowned rapper may end up using your beats also. There is also a way to monetize your free beat. Now you can monetize yours on various music platforms that you can pay for every play.

Article by: Sly Fox